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and some other hothead Amiga users that distort reality in a big way :) He is member of few Amiga and Atari forums: - EAB English Amiga Board - - YouTube ... Purpose of this page is to presents his lies and ignorance about Atari computers. I simple keep bumping on his lies all over internet and I decide to make collection of his lies and bullshits on one place: here! prevent him to edit them if he choose to hide his wrong "facts" :D and to help other users to judge dlfrsilver better (to take his word with a grain of salt). So lets start:


dlfrsilver: "Ambermoon from late Thalion Gmbh, which even on A500 is using full 3D texture in exterior and interior in 50 fps" link


dlfrsilver: "It's more powerful than the Falcon anyway, which was built from an Atari 1040 STE (hence the ym2149 still there, as well as the 16 bits bus with the 68030 which can't process 32 bits of data but only 24 bits lol!" link notes: 68030 in Falcon can process 32bit data but memory bus is only 16bit wide. Dlfrsilver continue to insist that MC68030 in Falcon can process only 24bit data (maybe he got confused with addressing number?!?)


dlfrsilver: "Impact GVP-II series hard drives for A500 from GVP are doing 3,5mb/s with SCSI with a regular 68000" link: youtube link: atari forum background: MrPetari made full video playback for Atari ST which consume 3.6MB/s over Atari ST ROM port. Dlfrsilver insist that Amiga can do the same with "Impact GVP-II" but being completely ignorant with fact that you still need to transfer image from "Impact GVP-II" buffers to Amiga chip ram. Many user try to explain this to him but he remain ignorant and continue to insist that Amiga "can do the same" and that via (magic :D) "software technique" does not need to copy data to chip ram for displaying image.


So basically dlfrsilver message is: 'Amiga can do what ever Atari can do but much better' and of story, brain out :D I am pretty sure that we will have more contents in days to come since dlfrsilver is quite active... ;)
We have new user from EAB, Miggy4eva from Australia that claim that "Wildcat demo is a Wolf 3d engine running at silky 60fps frame rate on A500". link
You can see here Wildcat demo running on cycle exact Amiga 500 and see if it is running at 60FPS or 16FPS (I count frames per second, it is 15-16FPS).