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This is one example of populated note!      AUTHOR: Milan Kovač
       DATE: 2016-01-18
   HARDWARE: Falcon030 (Hatari...)
        RAM: 4MB ST, 256MB TT
         OS: MiNT 1.17 (MagiC 6,TOS...)
        AES: MyAES 0.98 (XaAES...)
      VIDEO: Videl RGB 768x480 16bit
        VDI: NVDI (TOS...)
   CPUCACHE: Noramal Cache
     TT-RAM: yes Mem & Prg
MEM.PROTECT: yes private
    NETCARD: NetUSBee/Hydra
   NETSTACK: MiNTnet (STing...)
      PATCH: available at
       BUGS: crash at save dialog
 CONCLUSION: see bugs free to add infos as you please!
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my Atari (ST / TT / Falcon) software archive

by Milan Kovač created 15.2.2013. / graphics by ACC:Xess
last update: 04.08.2020. (1 day ago). Check "journal" for details.
I added download counter. If you have any new idea or suggestion, please let me know. (Milan on 08-08-2017)

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# COC3DMANUAL.ZIP5616605 01-09-16 14:55        NAME: Crown of creation - only manual
   LANGUAGE: English and German
DESCRIPTION: scaned original manual, bunch of jpgs inside zip archive
last modified: Jan 16 2016 14:23:21 ^
   downloaded: 303 times
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