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my Atari software archive  

What is this?

This is attempt to categorise all Atari ST/TT/Falcon software with appropriate screenshots, videos and other infromations.

You are welcome to help me in this effort! You can add anything (e.g. screenshots, videos, informations, test configurations... and applications itself).

There is no need to registered, you can start with contributions immediately! Click and edit, or drag&drop to add new stuff. You can see how easy is to add new contents in this youtube video.

All edits are non-destructible! You can always check all revisions of previous edits (just click on symbol ).

You can add 'Notes' for each application (as many as you like) and you can use them for anything (initial purpose is to hold compatibility informations). When you click on 'new' there will be some predefined fields but you can add new one if you need (just keep them in key : value pairs).

If you would wish to open new category, or delete apps or screenshot, you need to contact me (email at bottom).

How does this work and how it could evolve?

On my Atari Falcon I have one partition (D:) with nicely sorted programs (like on this site) which look like this:

As you can see, I have two folders for each program: one that I use to run programs and other, with ".FTP" extension, which is used to synchronize with this site. ".FTP" folder store archive of programs itself and data for this site (screenshots, videos, information/metadata files...). This folders are synchronized automatically with FTP so any changes that I made localy on my Atari harddisc are copied to this site via RSYNC (without my intervention!).

Idea is to make something like Debian repositories but for Atari software. btw CosmosEx already offer similar functionality but only for games!

Let's look inside ".FTP" folder. It contains archive of application and some extra files like screenshots, videos... and files with metadata that I created:

This is example of one !INFO.TXT file:

as you can see, it is a simple textual files with key : values pairs so that it can be edited very quickly on website or localy on Atari. PHP will do rest of work and create this site from those files. It is important just to keep "key : value" pairs for searching and sorting metadata. You can add new values like e.g. information regarding ColdFire and FireBee compatibility (e.g. "FireBee: work" or "FireBee: crash with 4 bombs")... Keep in mind: if there is no value beside key then this row wouldn't be shown on website.

To do list:

If you would like to see something more on "to do" list please email me :) If you wish PHP scripts of this site, also just email me.


That's all. Thank you for your patience and time! Stay /|\

If you have questions, suggestions, founded bugs, or want to get involved more... please contact me: milan@kovac.cc

Milan Kova─Ź, 04.02.2014.
last revision: 08.08.2017.