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(main coder and webmaster)

last update: 20.11.2000.

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Hello, on this site you can read info about upcoming game for Atari.
It is actually port of PC game:
"Wet: The Sexy Empire"


You can visit Obsession (Pinball) Fan Web site here!


There was no update of this page for almost three years and this project was on ice! I, calimero - Milan Kovac, work as freelancer - Synergia Design ... and have no time or interest in Atari for long time. But last few weeks I found bunch of new and interesting stuff about programing on atari. This is not a promising or something like that but I found motivation to continue my contribution to atari scene so I will continue my work at Wet for Atari.
And I would like to thank evil/dhs for hosting this web site all the time at atari.org!


Introducing: This game original is developed by "Interactive strip" and published by "CDV" (www.cdv.de). Atari version is developing by Milan Kovac (that's me).
Since I didn't have any original PC source code, I start to write game from beginning in GFA basic. How far I get, you can read on "Progress" page, you can also download latest preview version from there. I need help, so if you are programer, and you are interested in this project, please read "Need help!!!" page. Beside, you can help me by sending comments or simple support e-mail's, it will help me allot.

Game story: "Wet: The Sexy Empire" is manager game, but quite unusual. You are an outlaw, bank robber, who run from FBI. You hide in small American town somewhere in desert. There you meet young babe, with big, big... eye. Lula, the girl with big..., was on the way for Las Vegas when the bus broke down and she had to stop right there. As you both end up in town on the end of the world, you promise that you will made star from her. Here game starts: You will take hot photos, sell it, buy sex toys, hire porn actors, directors... buy equipment, even write scenario for porn film. Sell it and try to be in top-10 porn film list... beside you will use all necessary thing such as gamble, blackmail, bribe... to get on top. Nothing can stop you to build Sexy Empire!
Game is full of light erotic scenes and video clips, but nothing hard-core so it's suitable for 14+ age (look "Screenshots" page).